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The First Class Agency Training
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I want to teach you the full method for finding clients, and turning simple websites into a full sustainable agency. All prepared in a done-for-you package that walks you through step-by-step using the exact formula I use to charge thousands of dollars for website projects.

Our Exact Website Sales Funnel Exposed

Don’t get overwhelmed with 10 different strategies, instead just the only one that works. I show you the exact process we use at our agency to reliably pitch, meet, and land 3-5 websites a month on autopilot.

How to Deliver Projects to Clients
and Get Paid FAST

The biggest factor in building a 6 figure agency is offering services that clients rave about. I show you all the hidden pitfalls, and ensure clients are thrilled with the result, meaning multiple referrals for every project. 

The SEO Secret to Get Massive Website Traffic Lightning Quick

So you’ve built a new site, now you need to get eyes on the site in order for it to succeed. This is our full formula to setup any clients website in order to dominate on Google. 

Take Advantage of Social Distancing and 3x Your Earnings

By helping clients adapt to the new socially distanced world, I’ve had the highest earning months of my business EVER. I show you the exact services I offer that only take a few minutes to do, that clients will pay you thousands for. 

Private List of Recession Proof Industries That Make Massive Money

For the first time ever I’m going to pass along my own list of recession-proof industries we use whenever we need a guaranteed $10,000 website project. I use this exact list whenever I need a cash injection for a large purchase at my agency. 

Our Battle-Tested Email Scripts We Reliably Use to Land Projects

These scripts are battle-tested and refined, so only the highest converting emails are in this document. This is the golden document I give to new sales associates that gets them up to speed and getting tons of new paid projects. 

Our 95% Successfull Secret Closing Strategy [Works Like Magic]

I basically built my entire agency on the back of this key strategy. From what I’ve seen, no one else on the internet is talking about this method. Once I started applying it, I closed practically every client I reached out it, and it still works just as well today. 

What Type of Results Do People Get Following This Program?

Aren’t there a ton of giant companies that are taking advantage of this opportunity as well? That’s what I thought when I started this journey as a broke college student with zero experience. But after pitching and landing 100+ websites I learned that theres a VERY SPECIFIC STRATEGY that all those other companies weren’t applying.

Once I cracked the code, I was able to leapfrog any competition and make money without ever worrying about other companies. That’s what I want to pass along to you. 

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We’ve helped countless businesses and students build amazing websites and thrive online. All using our easy strategy outlined in the course. 

Over 20,000 Wyse Students across the globe. Join the movement.

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Online education and the essential tools to launching your business should not be expensive. During these times we want as many of you to be successful as possible and to start working for yourself, using the same methods we were fortunate enough to know to take our business to the next level.

The best time to start was 10 years ago. The second best time is right now.

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