With Just a Smartphone and Laptop...

With Just a Smartphone and Laptop...

All because we applied this one key strategy...

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Course #1: The First-Class Blog Training (Worth $197)

The Blog Launch Plan Complete Process

Our step-by-step guide will keep you on the focused path to launching a blog that actually makes you money. Following our checklist ensures you won’t get distracted by time-sucks and you can focus on making a full time income blogging.

Our Private Blog Research Template

Ever wondered how people think of almost infinite blog post ideas, while you’re stumped? The course gives you access to the exact method we use to build massive lists of topics we know will drive huge traffic to our sites.

The Simple Competition Outrank Strategy

We teach you how to research your competition, with our exact formula on what essential details to analyze from your competitors to ensure your post shows up alongside them in the search results. 

The Blog Traffic Snowball Strategy

We unveil the real process top bloggers use to massively scale how many people visit their blog, using promotion strategies passed down from old school media empires, applied to your website in any niche or any topic.

Here's The Type of Results You Can Get Following The Blog Course

The strategies in our blog course are the exact same ones we’ve used to outrank massive companies like Investopedia on Google, and get over a million visitors to one of our blogs.

Even having ONE of these posts can drive thousands of visitors to your site, making you easy passive income. As a passive income stream, there is no better option. 

Course #2: Complete YouTube Mastery (Worth $197)

YouTube Channel Setup & Optimization

We show you how to setup your channel correctly so that it is perfectly positioned to be picked up by the YouTube algorithm and designed in a way to foster a high subscriber conversion rate.

How To Design Your YouTube Videos

We show you how to actually structure a YouTube video correctly meaning what to say for the openings as a hook, how to ask for engagement, how to have all topics flow to increase watch time and overall make them stay. Without understanding how to structure the back bone of a YouTube video, you will have what is called a leak where your audience stops watching the video abruptly.

YouTube Algorithm Mastery Explained

We show you how the YouTube algorithm truly works as we have implemented these strategies with many clients and know exactly what triggers it. Understanding its secrets inside and out is how to use it to your advantage and at its full potential.

Our Complete Video Upload Checklist

We show you how to correctly optimize your video to be uploaded to YouTube the right way. Uploading isn’t as simple as clicking upload. There is an exact formula to this so that the algorithm can recognize and categorize the video as the correct topic so that it can actually be promoted across YouTube. 

Here's The Type of Results You Can Get Following The YouTube Course

Remember this YouTube program teaches you the exact same strategies that got us 300,000 subscribers and growing, getting us a YouTube award in the mail. Learning how to master YouTube is one of the most vital skills of the next decade and you get it entirely explained in our course. 

Absolute Monetization Mastery

We teach you every monetization method we know. We give you the tools to make money off your content in a variety of simple and effective ways. We also teach you which ones will work the best for your specific content so you can maximize your income and avoid killing potential earnings. 

For This Entire Content Training Package

For This Entire Content Training Package

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