How to Make Money From Home (Recession Proof Formula)

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Are you looking to build a business running it completely off your laptop? One without startup costs or overhead fees?

Are you debating which one is worth your time? Overwhelmed with options where to start? Getting told by influencers that Drop Shipping/affiliate/FBA are the ultimate option, only for it to fizzle out a few months later?

Rather than explaining the same tired schemes, I want to show you exactly how I built my real agency. (Reliable and proven method I don’t see anyone talking about). This will be the exact formula that allows you to build a respectable and sustainable business the right way.

Breaking Down The Business Model

First we find outdated websites in our city, then we email them using a specific strategy, then build them a new website. This straightforward formula lands 3-5 sites a month, and we charge 8-10K per project. You can do the math on the returns we get. 

I’ve used this exact method to turn it into a successful agency, and we’ve helped others do the same. The formula is straightforward and really easy to apply.

This article breaks down exactly how this works. If you follow it, you will have your first website project in the next 24 hours using the formula. I’ll be following alongside you.

I’ll be in the comments answering questions so that everyone can get up and running making money from home. But first you gotta check this out.

Looking Up Outdated Websites

From a simple Google search, I found a website that looks like this. It’s a real business with employees, a storefront, customers, reviews. It’s a profitable business but the site looks like  this… You could see how they’re leaving money on the table and losing customers with a site like this right?

When you go onto Google Maps and type in different industries, you start to find outdated businesses everywhere.

Think it’s just me? Take a second and try this in your local area. Hop onto Google maps, search up common business categories like lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, therapists, physiotherapists, scroll down to the bottom and start opening up sites.

Put together a list of some outdated websites in your city so we can talk about how you can get them as your clients.

How to Capitalize On This Opportunity From Home

So you’ve found some outdated websites, you’re probably thinking you need to go in and pitch these businesses right? Or hop on the phone? That sounds rough.

We’re not going to do anything like that.

The best part of this business is that I land and work with clients with no calls, no in-person pitching, just capitalizing on this opportunity completely over email.

The truth is the demand for web design is at an all time high, the world is changing and forcing companies to move online.

Working from home and emailing is actually the correct way! It maintains boundaries and keeps things easy for them.

People who rely on in-person or hard phone sales nowadays are seen as aggressive, you can do the opposite and land the whole project over email.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert To Take Advantage of This Opportunity

The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert web designer to take advantage of this opportunity either. These businesses need simple and straightforward websites that you’re able to build using free or cheap tools which we will be showing you exactly how to do.

If you know just a little bit more than your client, than you have something of value to provide, and using our method you can blow them away with a straightforward and effective site. 

Our Email Strategy We Use To Land 3-5 Sites a Month

So email is the way to go, other people are probably finding these sites as well, why don’t they reach and work with them?

What happens at this step, is most people reach out to these quality prospects, and what do they get in return? *Crickets*

Now I’m going to show you my market tested formula, perfected through sending thousands of emails to business owners. 

This method allows me to consistently land high paying clients without going door to door or picking up the phone. While most other web designers end up in the spam folder, or never get a reply back. 

Let’s break down the anatomy of a successful email, with a real example of an email that landed me a $8000 web design client.

Choosing a Business with High Margins

You might be looking at your list of outdated sites and think you are just going to spam blast out 1000 emails. No way we’re going to do that. Instead we’re going to narrow down our list to the clients that will ACTUALLY RESPOND. 

How do you know which businesses to pursue? You should choose ones that are able to afford your website! Sounds simple, right? You should focus on service businesses that charge a lot per hour, and usually sit on a lot of cash. High margin businesses that value web design services are the best to pursue. How about a pizza place? Small margins, let’s avoid this one, here we go, a chiropractor charges high fees and will definitely value your website. 

Finding the Right Email Address

Now you have the right list, next you need to send the right email, if you aren’t able to reach the decision makers your email goes right to the trash. Info@ and contact forms are bad, instead use Hunter.io to find good email addresses then you know it will land in the key decision makers inbox.

Writing a Casual Subject Line

Next, the subject line is the REASON whether someone opens an email, or they don’t. You’d think for an important moment like this, you’d want to be as professional as possible, right? Wrong. What might surprise you is that the professional approach gives you a one way ticket to the trash. So here’s how you write the subject line.

You’re asking a question, so you want to phrase it in an easy and unobtrusive way. Think of the subject line you would send to a coworker or friend when you have a quick question for them. “Quick question” has always worked great for me, so I’ll add it here. 

A Short and Effective Email

When someone opens and reads your email, you have to respect their time. Sending a short email that’s right to the point will by far have the best response rate. We’re preparing the email to send to this business, so here’s exactly what we would say. 

Your email needs to be genuine, and uniquely written for each business. Remember, people think emotionally, then back it up with logic. If you spend 4 paragraphs talking about how ugly their site is, and how you want them to pay you to fix it, how do you guys think they’ll respond? We can tell you from first-hand experience… not good.

Get right to the point, introduce yourself and mention how you’re impressed with something about their business. You should tailor this to something they’ll actually value, put yourself in their shoes and mention a big win for their company. 

Now you can introduce the problem with their site in a straightforward way. Explain that you believe you can help. Then ask them if they want to get in contact. It’s easy and effective! No massive paragraphs or long breakdowns 9/10 times they won’t read it. 

Our Secret Email Attachment

Now here’s our secret attachment we’re going to reveal to you guys, take a picture on your phone it helps show them exactly how it looks. 

Why does this attachment work so well? Taking this real picture makes their website tangible and easy to understand. When they see the picture, they understand how EVERYONE looks at their site, and they see that it doesn’t look good.

This makes it personal, since it communicates that you actually took the time to look them up, and send them the personalized email, which helps distance yourself from the spammer identity they might give to other cold emails.

Recapping Our Email Strategy

So quick recap of the exact strategy. First you found outdated websites in your local area, then you sorted them by ones with high margins, next you found the email address of a key decision maker in the organization, you wrote a great casual subject line that would guarantee they open it, and you wrote a short and effective email that shows how you can provide value for them.

Finally, you attached a picture of how their site looks on your phone with your hand in it, so they could tangibly see how others are looking at their business, and they believe you’re a real person, not just a spambot.

Now you have all the tools to capitalize on this opportunity.

We find outdated websites, use a key email formula, then land 3-5 sites a month charging 8-10K per project. I’ve turned it into a successful agency, we’ve helped others to do the same, it’s really that easy. 

Why Would a Business Owner Choose Me?

Now you might be asking yourself, Why me, I’m a nobody – I was able to find success in this industry with no luck, no experience, and no team backing me up. I had just graduated university, I couldn’t find work, and was trying to figure out a way to pay off my student loans.

I was trying all sorts of business opportunities, overwhelmed with all the different strategies. Gurus were saying there was the ULTIMATE opportunity, only to change focus a month later. None of these are real sustainable businesses, and I was frustrated with the flash in the pan opportunities that were being presented to me.

I started to look up legitimate companies in my city to understand what I was doing wrong. I looked up local businesses who I knew were successful and  discovered something really fascinating, and also concerning. Companies had websites that were ugly, took forever to load, didn’t work on phones, and overall ruined their otherwise great brand reputation. 

I saw the opportunity and jumped in headfirst, but because I didn’t have the skills, I fell flat on my face.

I wasted years, built tons of sites, and spent thousands of dollars in order to patch together a process that would allow me to consistently land paying clients for thousands of dollars, but also deliver on a high quality website that brings me even more business from referrals on a consistent basis. Everything we’re teaching you here is exactly what I’ve learnt. 

Aren’t There Other Web Designers Out There?

You might be asking yourself why would the company hire you when theres so many other great web designers – They can’t email like you just learnt how to do, and they over charge with bloated fees, you think 8-10k is a lot? Most of these guys charge 20-30k!

I didn’t go to coding school, a business owner won’t trust me!

A business owner is far too busy to learn how to build a straightforward website, you even knowing basic skills puts you 10-20% ahead of them, meaning it’s something you can confidently charge for. You’re providing a clear solution to them. And there are thousands of businesses with 0 tech expertise that are ready to pay you to help them. 

Here’s The Best Part…

We have a free course that takes you from 0 to expert in 1 hour, where you can build great websites for clients, and get payed 8-10K to do it in 60 minutes, we outline all of this in the free course. 

Once you apply this strategy, you can charge any price you want, and get tons of referrals from each site build.  

So the business model is to find ugly websites, send cold emails using our strategy, and build websites that get results. All you have to do is scale up.

Comment below if you’ve applied this, have any questions, or want us to cover other topics in more videos and articles. See you in the next one. 

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